Founder/ Chief Creative Officer

The original Thai creative who has once made history the in China advertising hall of fame for bringing the first Cannes Grand Prix Lion to China in 2011. His Samsonite “Heaven and Hell” is currently the world’s most awarded print-ad of all time. In 2012 he became one of the ‘Top 3 Art Directors of Asia’ and was ranked 8th in The World Creative Ranking.

After 6 years in Shanghai Rojana decided to move back to his homeland to take the greater role as Executive Creative Director at JWT Bangkok in 2014, where he groomed himself in a creative leadership role. However, his calling dream made him decide to part ways with the global network agency to start his ideal ‘idea agency’, Storyteller Bangkok.

And with the matter of one year, Storyteller has no doubt become the hottest, not to mention coolest, rookie agency in Thailand.


Founder/ Chief Strategy Officer

As Co-founder, Drakon is responsible for founding and developing the strategic function at Storyteller, assembling one of the youngest and most talented team of strategists. Obsessed with culture, human behavior, and technology, he is always willing to unlearn everything he thought he knew in order to help brands grow and find solid meaningful roles in peoples lives.

Apart from grooming his sharp look, Drakon gives a lot of his energy to groom his team of young strategists into a unique team of thinkers.

He always enjoys a good challenge and is always on the look for emerging strategic talents.


Founder / Managing Director

13 years of experience in advertising created Vichanan's personal doubts in the relationship between marketing and advertising, he decided to switch over to the client side because he believed that there must be a more effective way to link both worlds.

His experience taught him that every brand has its own unique ”How to market”. He believes that agency’s work is not just to build brand, but also to discover new opportunities to engage with the consumers and ultimately generate sells.

And from this fundamental, Vichanan co-founded Storyteller and took the role to lead his ‘marketer team’ to truly understand and deliver the needs of both the client and the consumer in order to market what ever products in the most creative and insightful ways.


General Manager

Roongnapa or call her “Jim”; small girl with a big passion on whatever she does.
Long journey with almost 10 years experience at Ogilvy; leading advertising agency and turned to marketing of consumer products for few years later.
Live likes Jonathan Livingston seagull, she always asked for everything she can
about her abilities. Once she realizes again, she becomes part of Storyteller Bangkok challenges for multi-performance.

Whatsoever you ask, she tries to find you a big support; mainly all back-of- house management, production and perfect timekeeper to keep Storyteller team the most effective operation.



Aom, another storyteller from the fence of Silpakorn University, she graduated with a degree in Information and Communication Technology. Although Broadcasting is her major, she knows that only the fascinating and meaningful contents are the ones worth broadcasting because ideas can change the society, and advertising is the powerful tool to do so.

After graduating, she put all her effort into building and collecting portfolios to enter the advertising industry. Once she stepped into the advertising industry she realized that there are so much more to know. Although this industry exists for a long time but she can still see the constant opportunity to create new things. She decided to join Storyteller although this is not an easy place to work, her passion tells her that this is the place to groom her with sharp set of skills and help her create great works.



Born as the youngest of 3, Chanaradee was the younger sister with 2 big twin brothers, hmm… Big Family. Growing up in Mahachai, small town on the outer rim of Bangkok she has always been dreaming of becoming a doctor but her hatred of chemistry leads her to study design. She was graduated with a major in Industrial Design at Chulalongkorn where she found her self-interested by communication design and advertising.

The first 3 years of her career, was a copywriter at TBWA\Thailand where she has accumulate copywriting skills. But Chanaradee believes that it is extremely important to be good at both copywriting AND art directing, that is when
Chanarade decided to join Storyteller as an Art Director to reinforce, once again, what she had learnt at University.

In her free time, she is passionate about visiting museums as well as aquariums. She also enjoys photography and of course travelling is her favorite activity.
She may seem like a quiet person, but if you want to get to know her better try sharing a cake with her.


Account Executive

Right after her graduation from Communication program Chulalongkorn University, Toey started her first career in the “happiest place on earth” also known as Walt Disney World Florida for a period of time. She then wanders around the United States for sometimes before coming back home to Thailand and work in one of Thailand’s most eminent PR agency. Yet, her desire to enhance her competence in other tracks helps her decide to hop on to this ride loaded by storytellers that will take her on an expedition like no others.



"A girl who is looking for a way to complete her left brain."

Mint was graduated with design degree. She loves doing things by following her heart because she believes that do what you love will bring the best result. She enjoys her ways of living by doing many different things; getting to learn new things, meet new people and going to new places. That's because she hates repetitive lifestyle. Part of the reason why she join Storyteller is because she knows that this is where she could fulfill her rational side of brain to be as equally powerful as her imaginative side.

Mint believes that doing something involve your heart will always bring the best result. That is why whatever it is she works on she will do it passionately. Mint was graduated with design degree from the United Kingdom where she was taught that there isn’t one definite way to getting something done. She is very enthusiastic to learn something new as well as meeting new people and visiting new places. You can say that repetitive lifestyle is something that Mint can stand, and that is one of the reasons that Mint feels constantly challenged here at Storyteller. Here she feels that she is asked to use both side of her brain both her creativity as well as strengthening her logical mind.

Roongnapa Mahapol


General Manager

Roongnapa or call her “Jim”; small girl with a big passion on whatever she does.
Long journey with almost 10 years experience at Ogilvy; leading advertising agency and turned to marketing of consumer products for few years later.
Live likes Jonathan Livingston seagull, she always asked for everything she can
about her abilities. Once she realizes again, she becomes part of Storyteller Bangkok challenges for multi-performance.

Whatsoever you ask, she tries to find you a big support; mainly all back-of- house management, production and perfect timekeeper to keep Storyteller team the most effective operation.



Kamonphan was born in Bangkok under the full moon of Loy Krathong festival. She believed that is the reason behind her rounded face. Kamonphan always have smile on her face exciting to learn something new everyday.

One field that particularly excites her is the wonder of Advertising that is why she decided to study the subject at Silpakorn University. She believes that advertising is the field that brings her to meet new things everyday and it is also the field that she can fully bring out her full creative potential. Because of her enthusiastic nature, she took part in many student workshops as well as awards many of which are Advertising related subjects- ones that led her to meet many talented minds.

And the more she learns about advertising, the more she found herself crazed by it and that this is the path she wants to pursuit. Today Kamonphan found herself enjoying the challenges offered her by this small agency filled with unique stories called Storyteller.


Story Director

‘KUL’ she is …
Creative / Associate Creative Director / Art-Director based / Advertiser / Graphic Designer / PastOMer / Past Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University student / Past Assumption Suksa Graduate / 3rd Daughter / Single / Critical Thinker / Positive thinker / Dreamer / Shopaholic / Café hopper / Coffee lover / Chocolate lover / Food lover / Sweet lover / Movie lover / Character lover / Meower / Cat lover / Fashion lover / Sea lover / Sky capturer / Photographer / Writer / Traveller / Drama addict / Gossip girl / Online heavy user / Facebooker / Instagramer / Driver / Reader / Leader / Listener /
Story Director / Storyteller



As a kid, Nagara has always dreamt of becoming Santa Claus but when reality struck, Nagara agrees to go to school. He graduated with a degree in human-centric product design where he accumulates the skill sets to become an industrial designer. After stepping out of the design school Nagara followed his dream and co-founded his small toy company ‘Taksa Toys’.

In 2015, Nagara joined Storyteller as an Intern Strategist solely with the curiosity in the marketing side of creativity. (Because you know.. dreams need a good strategy to make it into a reality). That is when Nagara is exposed to the world of Advertising. And before he knew it, he had already become a full-time ‘Storyteller’.



Natee graduated with a degree in Advertising, though he chose to follow the career that excites him more. He spent 5 years working multi-disciplinarily for the most well known Hip-Hop label in Thailand, Thaitanium Entertainments where he organized behind the success of many concerts and records year after year. Natee joined Storyteller as Producer and Project manager, as well as pretty much anything else that solve difficulties for the team. Today, Natee is the ‘go-to’ guy for the other team member.


Copy Writer

Born and raised in Bangkok, the capital of art and culture, Padcha has grown with a strong passion for arts and languages. Fortunately, with the support of parents, she was encouraged to study in an English Program and was offered the chance to become an exchange student in California, USA. Padcha graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Communication where she was introduced to the world of advertising and marketing. Even though she has moved from Faculty of Architecture and Design, her passion for art and design stays wherever she goes and her skills often shows in any of her works.

Neglecting her slim shape, Padcha has a strong passion and interest in eating, as well as movies and traveling. For Padcha, life is full of wonderful opportunities waiting to be explored. She always enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. This may sound cliché but her dream is to one day travel around the world, have a home with huge garden, a dog and a beautiful bathtub.



Palap was born and raised in Phuket. Despite his childhood dream of becoming either a professional footballer or a professional chef, he was graduated with a degree in Advertising.

Palap joined CJ WORX, one of the best digital agency in Thailand, as a copywriter. And for three years he had produced all kinds of different digital campaigns from Deodorants to ….

Nevertheless Palap saw the next chapter of his career, a more challenging one calling for him that was when he joined Storyteller where he learned that there are a lot more in this advertising world to offer him.

Whenever Palap is not writing, he reads. He reads a lot. And those books are many times a great source of ideas for him.

Today, Palap still has daydream of becoming a footballer.


Story Director

Growing up as a visual thinker, Parbpraew’s path led her to a Graphic Design major in college. After graduating she became a graphic designer at Monday Agency. And when an opportunity approached her, she decided to travel to China to join Mr. Roxana’s team at JWT Shanghai.

Several years with Mr. Roxana made Parbpraew wondered again what more does design had to offer. She then took the journey to London for a MA degree in Sustainable Design course at Kingston University.

After coming back, she reunited with Mr. Roxana this time with a stronger belief in combining the practice of using design thinking to create a more sustainable business and equitable society in a more creative, empathic and innovative way.

Aside from work, Parbpraew has a soft-spoken characteristic but don’t get her wrong, she is extremely friendly and surprisingly funny once you get to know her.


Finance Director

It was more than 15 years ago since Saengaroon first stepped into an advertising agency as the finance function of many agencies, from big name network agencies to growing local agencies. Throughout her 15 years of experience she has adopt, accumulate, and understand all kinds of different ‘thinkings’ or the mindsets of the “Advertiser” from the people she has worked with from different agencies, different departments throughout the time. Even though advertising wasn’t her original background but her years of experiences made her understand advertising inside and out.

For Saengaroon “Attitude is Everything”- this is her life motto that gets her through the good and bad times, and to always be the strong foundation behind everyone’s success. 


Senior Account Manager

You could overlook her, because she always claims that she just like an ordinary woman who loves dramatic, beauty (in her own way), gets bored easily then she always changes her style by monthly or quarter.

She’s quite sadistic on work by focusing on the core. She reads and learns people quite quickly and never enough for work on her level. She always does the bigger role. It is not unusual that everyone think she looks older ages but in reality she is crazily
Oops! You read more than 7 lines !!


Account Executive

Product Description: Junior Story Executive
Version: 23.0 (Latest Version Updated)
Manufactured in Thailand
Tested and Approved by: Silapakorn University
Battery Recharging Time: 8 Hours (Supercharge mode 1-2 Hours)
Technical Details: Enthusiastic to gather new knowledge / Ambitious to learn about Advertising/ Work with passion attitude and energy
Other Functions Include: High Speed Wireless Communications/ High Definition Photography
*Auto Update Features included
**Warning no warranty
Licensed to Storyteller Bangkok



Having a Graphic Design background, Bouy surrounded himself in a community of Thai contemporary artists where he assisted various big name artists like Note Dudesweet whom Watcarapon assisted his art pieces, organizing exhibitions as well as parties.